Tow Mater

Do you know Tow Mater of the Disney movie “Cars”? Unfortunately, this article won’t be about him. Let’s me explain what a tow mater is by explaining first a tow mate. Tow mates are simply tow lights that are essential equipment when towing your vehicle. Using the prefix -er, then a towmater can be defined as one who does or manufactures a tow mate, right? Anyway, this article is neither about the talking car in Disney’s animated movie nor is it an advertisement for a maker of a tow light. It’s all about rear trailer lights that are required when towing vehicles.

Are you planning to tow your car? You can either get the efficient service of a towing company or tow it yourself. Whether it’s a car trailer, boat trailer or camper you need towing equipment so you don’t violate any state rule on road safety and towing.

So you need a tow mate. Not only is it very necessary to have all your vehicle lights functioning, but you also need to add another set of lights. Many state laws require operable lights such as brake lights, tail lights and turn signal lights. These lights need to be coordinated so that when the vehicle suddenly halts, the brake lights will illuminate at exactly the same time.

It is required by every state that the towing vehicle must:

  • Have trailer lights that operate along with the movement or direction of the towing vehicle. For example, the indicator, brake, tail and reverse lights must go on  when the lights on the towing vehicle go on;
  • Trailer lights at the rear of the trailer must have number plate light, a pair of brake lights, tail lights, a pair of indicator lights or hazard lights when necessary and a pair of red reflectors.

One of the most important towing safety requirements is a tow light or a trailer light.  It’s considered as a driver’s tow mate. Having a functional trailer light will make towing road-safe and legal.

Nowadays, tow lights are manufactured according to the towing regulations.

  • LED Tow Lights. These are energy-efficient and durable for many hours of drive. These are light and left tow lights that you can mount to any tow vehicles with wiring harness. It also features combination of tail light, brake light & signal light.
  • Magnetic Tow Light Bars. With strong magnets holding the tow light strip in place, simply plug your transmitter into the vehicle especially truck’s socket. The tow light bar has full stop/tail/turn light functions with LED tow light built with compact and lightweight PVC.
  • Wireless trail lights. These powerful tow lights operates as far as 100 meters. It has visible LED lights that you can hook-up fast and easy without the use of any tools.


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